Behavioral Sustainability Lab

    Jiaying Zhao, PhD, Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair (she/her)

Principal Investigator

  Dr. Jiaying Zhao    (she/her, CV)

   Associate Professor

   Canada Research Chair in Behavioral Sustainability

   Department of Psychology

   Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

   University of British Columbia

   Faculty Affiliate, Center for Effective Global Action, UC Berkeley

PhD Students

  Annie Lalande

  Research interests:

  Sustainable food choices, health behavior change

  Rumi Naito

  Research interests:

  Behavior change, land-use decision making, conservation

  Yu Luo    (click here for my website)

  Research interests:

  Climate change perception, zero waste, statistical learning

  Brandon Tomm

  Research interests:

  Resource scarcity, poverty, compassion fade

Master's Students

  Jade Radke

  Research interests:

  Pro-environmental behavior change

  Jaden Phillips

  Research interests:

  Behavior change, climate change

  Lyra (Chaoyi) Shi

  Research interests:

  Resource scarcity, decision making

  Andrew Li

  Research interests:

  Behavior change, sustainability

  Nigel Deans

  Research interests:

  Sustainability, behavior change

  James Wu

  Research interests:

  Polarization, dichotomous thinking

Lab Alumni

  Dr. Ryan Dwyer  currently at Happier Lives Institute

  Brynley Hanson-Wright  currently at Fisheries and Oceans Canada

  Dr. Ru Qi Yu  currently Assistant Professor of Psychology at East China Normal University

  Dr. Ivana Zelenika  currently at City of Vancouver

  Andrea Byfuglien  currently a PhD student at University of Oxford

  Dr. Alejandra Echeverri  currently a postdoc at Stanford University (click here for my website)

  Anna Xiao Luo  currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University

  Yimiao Gong  currently a graduate student at Columbia University

  Leanne Zeng  currently a graduate student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  Elizabeth Ponce  currently a graduate student at King's College in London, UK

  James Jiang  currently a graduate student at Southern California Institute of Architecture