Jiaying Zhao, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair (t2)

Principal Investigator

  Dr. Jiaying Zhao    (click here for my CV)

   Canada Research Chair (t2) in Behavioral Sustainability

   Assistant Professor

   Department of Psychology

   Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Graduate Students

  Rumi Naito

  Research interests:

  Behavior change, land-use decision making, conservation

  Ivana Zelenika

  Research interests:

  Zero waste, sustainability education, pro-environmental behavior

  Alejandra Echeverri    (click here for my website)

  Research interests:

  Biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services

  Rae Cramer

  Research interests:

  Food choices, perception of food production systems

  Andrea Byfuglien

  Research interests:

  Behavior change, conservation

  Brandon Tomm

  Research interests:

  Resource scarcity, poverty, behavioral interventions, conservation

  Ru Qi Yu

  Research interests:

  Statistical learning, randomness perception, hippocampal neurogenesis

  Yu Luo    (click here for my website)

  Research interests:

  Climate change perception, sorting game, statistical learning

  Ryan Dwyer

  Research interests:

  Poverty, energy conservation, well-being

  Laura Super

  Research interests:

  Subjective wellbeing and nature

Lab Manager

  Nishtha Parag

Research Assistants

  Justin Reed

Lab Alumni

  Anna Xiao Luo  currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University

  Yimiao Gong  currently a graduate student at Columbia University

  Leanne Zeng  currently a graduate student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  Elizabeth Ponce  currently a graduate student at King's College in London, UK

  James Jiang  currently a graduate student at Southern California Institute of Architecture

  Sumeyye Cakal